Recording Eligibility Check Details In Admin Notes

When doing eligibility checks, it’s important to put the details of the patient’s plan in the administrative notes section. The benefit of this is having relevant information where you can easily find it. For many patients that have deductibles, it is helpful to have accurate values on their deductible and max out of pocket. When we know a patient has met their deductible, we can accurate charge the co-insurance or copay at the time of the visit.

These important details include:
— Deductible amount
— Deductible remaining
— Family deductible amount*
— Family deductible remaining*
— Max OOP amount
— Max OOP remaining
— Family max OOP amount*
— Family max OOP remaining*
— Insurance provider
— Visits allowed
— Calendar year and Service year**
— Other notes
* Family values are generally higher values than individual values. If the patient is closer to meeting these values, it is good practice to also put these into the admin notes.
** For certain cases, if there is a different calendar year and service year details, put these into the admin notes
For patients with deductibles, it is good practice to check periodically to see if they have met their deductible. If they have, bill accordingly and take the appropriate payment amount based on their policy.
Sample Admin Note
Sample Admin Note

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