Our practice offers a wide range of expertise. We work with patients of all ages and those as young as 2 years old. Our range of specialties include but are not limited to acute/chronic pain, sciatica, injuries, weight management, dementia, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, ADD/ADHD, hormonal imbalance, infertility, autoimmune disorders.

We have a large number of patients with various forms of cancer who seek our services, many of whom are also undergoing traditional cancer treatment. They come to us for treatment, especially to increase their physical energy and to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy.

At Tam Healing, we follow the Tom Tam Healing System, which is the modern version of the old system called Huatuojiaji. Doctor Hua Tuo was a famous Chinese medical doctor born two thousand years ago during the Three Warring Kingdoms period. Unfortunately, his Huatuojiaji philosophy and techniques have been lost over the years. Due to politics, Dr. Huatuo was killed, his book burned and lost from history. Many Chinese doctors have tried to find and revive this system, yet with no success. Today all of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) schools in China teach Huatuojiaji, but the information taught is unclear. When we read acupuncture textbooks, seldom do we see the usage of the Huatuojiaji method. The Huatuojiaji is a very famous healing system in TCM history. Its fame is from its effectiveness and achievement.

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The Tom Tam Healing System is an expansion and development of the lost system of Huatuojiaji, combining the healing modality of the East with the scientific findings of the West. The points in this system are mainly scalp points and points alongside the spine, which in turn frees the blockages of the central nervous system. By doing so, we allow the body to restore its natural path of Qi and bioelectricity.

Our system of diagnosis is not from the tongue and pulse, such as that of traditional acupuncturists, but rather from physical palpation of the patient along the neck and the spine. Blockages can be physically felt when pressed. Sickness may come from such blockages, and releasing these blockages by acupuncture and tui na massage may heal whatever ailments the patients present.


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